Pennington Basketball is a collaboration of community-minded parents whose goal is to create a recreational and travel basketball program dedicated to developing young players.



The culture that the advisory committee is looking to create is one of open communication, a positive environment, and team spirit. Players and families should be cultivating friendships and respect for one another as much as they are cultivating a culture of success and development.

We believe that we - the advisory committee and parents - should be looked upon as not just friends and community members, but role models. Discipline, hard work, sportsmanship, goal setting and teamwork are some of the values we will be collectively striving for across each team.


This PROGRAM will build year on year with a goal of developing skilled High School Basketball players. Pennington Basketball is committed to the following:

• A Coordinated Basketball Program across Grade Levels.

• Defined Basketball Basics.

• Independent, Paid Trainers.

• Training coordinated with Court Vision Basketball Performance:



Pennington Basketball’s playing philosophy will mature over time. It will follow the guidelines set by head trainer Ben Stirt. It will also develop from collaboration with local, varsity basketball coaches.

Ben’s philosophy:

Ben's training is based on the idea that learning in a challenging, yet fun environment yields the best results. The greatest improvement is seen when passion, hard work, fun, and understanding all mesh together on the court. Ben prides himself on his ability to get the most out of each trainee every time he works with them. This coupled with his unique approach to promote a deeper understanding of the game, has led to great success for all of the players and teams he has worked with.